Social Security Consulting

At Present, various social security schemes are in operation for different categories of employees. All these schemes are formed after considering the benefits of employees and their future. These schemes are very important tool of retirement planning. In most of the schemes the compliance part is to be done by employer only and also in few schemes the liabilities are assigned to principle employer as well.

Schemes provides various benefits like

  •  Insurance Cover
  •  Tax Free Interest
  •  Additional contribution from Employers to employees account
  •  Lifetime Pension
  •  Financial assistance while purchasing home, marriage and medical emergency

MAKKS’s Social Security Consulting assure the benefits and compliance of all the relevant provisions and rules applicable to over client which increases the security level of Clients people. In this regard we provide the following Services.

Compliance of Following

  •  General Provident Fund Scheme (GPF)
  •  Employee provident Fund Scheme (EPF)
  •  Service Tax
  •  Defined Contributory Pension Scheme (DCPS)
  •  Employee State Insurance Scheme (ESIC)
  •  National Pension Scheme (NPS)

Compliance Include Following

  •  Appearing before Supreme Court, High Court, EPF Tribunal, Divisional Commissioner, Regional Assistant Commissioner and any other appropriate authorities
  •  Registration under appropriate authority
  •  Filing Appeal
  •  Filing of Returns
  •  Calculations of contributions
  •  Payment of Challans