A moving story about an IRS officer who lost her sight but not her vision.

Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you have imagined. 

If you have an intense WHY in your goals, you will be doing it anyway no matter what. But, these motivational words are not effective until you get someone who walked through those exact roads. 

This WORLD VISION DAY, we would love to share with you an inspiring story of this young lady IRS Alpana Dubey. No matter if you are reading or listening to this blog through your technology, we assure you that you are going to get astounded by the happenings of her life.

Everyone leads their life with some sort of dream. Also, their dreams give meaning to their life. Like that, Alpana Dubey’s dream made an integral meaning in her life. More than being an achiever of the dream, her journey to capture this dream to reality is intense.

Alpana Dubey was born in a nuclear family with her father working as a senior officer in central government and her mother as a teacher. She was a studious and smart girl in her school days and always loved her academic’s part. Apart from studies, her interest also lay in music and sports. 

Life was going smooth until that pit made her take a new turn in her journey. She was studiously getting ready for her 10th standard pre boards. That’s when she got this acute headache which was persistent for almost around a month. On diagnosis, it was found that she must have to go through surgery.

In the process of curing her headache, she got to lose her vision. Because of some unapproved technological usage on her during her surgery, Alpana lost her vision at the earliest days of her teenage.

It was an emotionally traumatizing situation for her and for her parents. But, somehow, she was strong that she must not let this happening disturb her dream. She and her family steadily started to think on what can be done further. This perspective leads them to amazing happenings.

But there were not many technological advances in India by that time to help her read. She used to study with the screen reader and then learn. But it was a long process too. Alpana’s parents got to scan every book manually to get an e-version of the book and then get on with the devices that had the facility to screen read and study. 

The mindset that helped her to swim through this situation is ACCEPTANCE. She and her parents accepted the situation and decided to pedal up for her journey. Also, the best thing even after this would be that her faith and the belief in her dreams were rooted even more strongly. Her days passed by with the passion for the dream and parents’ support as the major fuel. 

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination – Tommy Lasorda

During her teenage days, she had an interest in both physical science and social science.   Also, she wanted to be an astronaut and also an IAS officer even though there is a vast difference between the two.

She started to take steps for her civil services career immediately after her 10th grade, and eventually, as years passed, she was done with her graduation and her post-graduation. After completing her MBA in 2012, she started her career in the corporate sector for two years as a talent manager. But after working there for a couple of years, she decided that it was the ripe time to start working for the civil services goals. After two years of smart efforts, she was able to crack the civil services exam in 2017. 

But, attaining this dream wasn’t that easy, as you know. She had to make extra efforts to learn things that were available easily for others. Also, educating people in her corporate job with her process working was another big task for her. Like this, there were hurdles, which she struck off like a charm.

Because of all her efforts, she is now working as an Asst Commissioner of Income Tax in Pune.

Here are few words from her for this young generation,

‘Always keep dreaming and never let go of your dreams…hold on to them and do everything possible to realize them.  Your dreams are nothing but your deep little inner voice -which cannot and should not be left unheard!’

We hope Alpana’s story might have left a strong impact on your journey of attaining your dream and living that dream life.


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